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Question about buying real estate in Cesme Turkey

We share with you the conditions required for foreigners to be able to buy a house in Cesme. Unlike many European countries, the property is registered by a responsible person in the Property Registry Directorate (Tapu) in the region instead of the Land Registry Office. The buyer and seller are legally required to be there during the sale process.

If we wanted to explain in a useful and simple way, we can say that foreigners can easily buy homes in Cesme. Especially after the removal of many bureaucratic barriers in 2018, foreigners can buy a house in Turkey only with their passport and through registering the title deed within a period of one to 5 weekdays, just like any Turkish citizen.

In the beginning, when someone decides to buy a home, the most important issue is that the buyer must sign a sales contract that contains all the legal standards and penalties related to the buyer.

As the “Cesme Homes” real estate company, with our deep experience in this field, we can provide a form of the purchase contract from which you can get more information if you wish. This contract is very important because it contains data such as pictures of the house, its location on the “Google” map, the seller’s data, the deposit value, the penalty terms in case the seller retracts the sale, the title deed data, and many items that provide you with important guarantees.

After the successful completion of this stage comes the stage of obtaining a tax number for the buyer. And this process is simple and takes place within a few minutes in the tax department in that region. Your passport is enough. After you have obtained the tax number, you must open a bank account. And in order to open a bank account, you must bring with you the electricity and phone bills related to the last three months or the credit card account statement.

Thus, after you open a bank account, you can transfer the price of the house to it in order to be able to pay on the day of the transfer of ownership. And do not forget to bring a photocopy of your passport translated into Turkish and certified by a notary, as well as two personal photos for you so that you can sign the day of the transfer of ownership.

And now we have reached the last stage before payment, which is to go to the Land Registry Department and request an arrangement with the seller or agency and with the presence of your translated and certified passport copy and your personal photos, and on the same day or after waiting for a few days and after payment, signature and registration You will have completed the process successfully

According to the exchange law that was previously in effect, foreigners from more than 40 countries were unable to own a property in Turkey. Until March 19 of 2012, thanks to the laws that have only changed, citizens from all over the world are hardly able to own real estate in Turkey. And we have prepared for you a list containing the countries whose citizens can own real estate in Turkey. If you do not find the name of your country in it, then this means that you cannot buy a property in Turkey.

Countries allowed to buy homes in Turkey:
Afghanistan, Philippines, Kuwait, Rwanda, Germany, Palestine, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Russia, America, Finland, Laos, Samo, Principality of Andorra, France, Lesotho, San Marino, Angola, Gabon, Latvia, Sa Tome and Principe, Antigua and Barbuda, Gambia, Liberia, Senegal, Argentina, Ghana, Libya, Seychelles, Albania, Guinea, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Australia, Guinea-Bissau, Lithuania, Sierra Leone, Austria, Granada, Lebanon, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Slovakia, The Bahamas, Guyana, Hungary, Slovenia Bahrain, South Africa, Madagascar, Solomon Islands, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Macedonia, Somalia, Barbados, Georgia, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Croatia, Malaysia, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Belgium, India, Mali, Saint Vincent – Grenadines, Belize, Netherlands, Malta, Sudan, Benin, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, England, Mexico, Swaziland, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Iran, Egypt, Chile, Botswana, Ireland, Micronesia, Tajikistan, Brazil, Spain, Mongolia, Tanzania, Brunei, Dar es Salaam, Israel, Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria, Sweden, Monaco, Togo, Burkina, Faso, Switzerland, Mauritania, Tonga, Burundi, Italy, Mozambique , Trinidad, Tobago, Algeria, Iceland, Myanmar, Tunisia, Djibouti, Jamaica, Namibia, Tuvalu, Chad, Japan, Nauru, Tuvalu, Jammu Czech Republic, Cambodia, Niger, Uganda, China People Republic, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Oman, East Timor, Montenegro, Central African Republic, Uruguay, Dominica, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Vanuatu, Ecuador, Kenya, Palau, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Panama, Vietnam, El Salvador, Kiribati, Papua, New Guinea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Colombia, Paraguay, Cape Verde, Estonia, Comoros, Peru Greece, Ethiopia, the Republic of the Congo, Poland, Zambia, Morocco, the Republic of South Korea, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Kosovo, Romania, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Rwanda.

First – Property sale and purchase tax: Considering the month of December 2021, this tax is 4%. This tax is calculated from the total price of the house. And we must not forget that many buyers and sellers agree on this point and show a much lower value than the real home value for paying lower taxes. The value of the house cannot be less than the value shown in the statement of the value of the property that will be taken from the municipality. If we do a simple calculation, for example, a house tax of 500,000 TL is 15,000 TL. That is, we multiply 3% by 500,000 to get to this value. In addition, approximately 800 Turkish liras are taken by real estate departments in Turkey under the name of “working capital”.

Second – Notary costs: The translation of the passport into Turkish and its certification and stamp by a notary will cost you about 200 Turkish liras.

Third – Real Estate Agency Commission: It relates to the agreement between you and the agency. We, like the “Cesme Homes” real estate company, do not charge any commission. But our commission, which does not exceed 2% – 3%, is present in the total value of the amount and takes place in the list of “one-time payments”.

Fourth – Lawyer’s Fees: The wages of a lawyer who follows the home-buying phase ranges between 6,000 and 8,000 Turkish liras. Usually, most clients, thanks to the removal of many bureaucratic obstacles, do not use attorneys. While the payment and registration of ownership are on the same day, there is no financial risk for the customer. But it must be strongly noted that the buyer’s rights must be protected, such as matching the title deed data with that in the property office and making sure that the seller is still the owner of the house and that there is no legal restriction on the house and seeing the house by the buyer personally and making sure of That the data in the property contract are identical with the house, and all of the above must be verified on the day of signing. We, like the “Cesme Homes” real estate company, prepare the sales contract, confirm ownership and all legal matters, follow them up and achieve them with high professionalism.

Fifthly – insurance tax: “DASK” is an earthquake insurance policy and it is considered one of the mandatory stages and must be taken in the name of the buyer. And it costs about 250 Turkish Liras. It is mandatory in addition to the fact that the buyer can take out further insurance for his father at a later time. Such as insurance from floods and thefts, insurance on home furniture, and so on. Their cost ranges between 700 and 1,200 Turkish liras.

Taxes to be paid regularly
First – If the house you bought is located in a compound, then most likely there are monthly subscriptions (returns). The proceeds are money raised from homeowners to cover maintenance costs for the pool in the complex and the lights in common and security areas. This value changes according to the capabilities and social facilities present in the community, and according to the complex itself. And if we want to give an average value of the proceeds, we can say that it ranges between 250 and 1.000 Turkish liras. It should be paid monthly, and you can pay it annually in advance.

Second – Municipal Tax: Every homeowner pays a tax to the municipality twice a year, in the months of March and September. Also, this tax varies according to the size of the house and the region. But the average sum of these two taxes ranges between 300 and 800 Turkish liras.

Third – Electricity expenses: If we take into account that the electricity expense for a family of 4 people in Turkey is between 150 and 250 Turkish liras, you can do a simple calculation for you.

Fourth – Water expenses: If we take into account that the water expense for a family of 4 people in Turkey is between 40 and 100 Turkish liras, you can do a simple calculation for you.

Regardless of all of the above, we would like to remind you that you will need furniture for the house, whose costs range between 35,000 and 70,000 TL. Certainly the quality and quality play a big role in the price difference.

We, as the “Cesme Homes” company, offer you the necessary services, free of charge, with regard to furniture, and where to find the right prices and quality.

Title Deed - Tapu

The Tapu is the only document that confirms the ownership of the property in Turkey, and it is also called the property rights registration document. The Land Registry Office regulates the ownership of the property in the title deed. At the level of the government, this document is recognized according to the law and its sworn translation. The title deed is an absolute possession of property.
The Tabu is considered as a professional document in the real estate market that contains basic information for a specific property.

Clues to the numbers in the picture:
1- Land address (City, District, Street).
2- A personal photo.
3- A registration number for a part of the land belonging to the Survey Department.
4- Type of land
5- The area of ​​the land on which the building or residential complex is located
6- The area of ​​the property on the ground, building number, floor
7 – The price of the property is in Turkish Lira
8- How to obtain the property: buy from a construction company, buy from someone, inherit … etc, and in the same place he writes information about the previous owner of the property
9 – Information about mortgage / new owners and the percentage of shares they own
10- Registration data before purchasing the property
11- Registration data after purchasing the property
12 – Seal and signature of the department responsible for cleaning this document

Six things foreigners who want to own property in Cesme should know:
1- Real estate is the most profitable medium for investors of all time. If you are thinking of buying a house with the aim of profit, here are some of my advice. The most important information for foreigners who are considering buying a home in Cesme is the gain that this property will achieve. And for-profit, correctly calculating the monthly rent is very important.

2 – be good researchers
Investing in real estate requires you to be good researchers. Regardless of the type of property that you want to invest in, the region should be one of the areas nearing prosperity. These areas always give the investor a profit. It is also important to study the prices of apartments and their rents in the last year in the area in which you want to buy.

3 – Be aware of the complex’s monthly service costs (revenues)
You must know the costs of the monthly services for the home (the revenues), because it can be difficult to rent a house with high monthly returns or it may put you in a financial crisis that these high expenses that you have to pay monthly should put you in a financial crisis.

4 – The location of the house is very important
Pay attention to the location of the house and the development of the area in it. Choose a home in an easily accessible area. This type of house has a high price and monthly rental income as well.

5 – If you want to rent out the house that you bought for the purpose of investment immediately or after the shortest possible period of purchase, you must choose a house close to transportation and have a hospital, school, and garden next to it. And also you must be careful while buying a dirt house or a model. Buying a home under construction or from a prototype home can be a price advantage. Thus, when the project ends, a certain increase in the price will take place. But do not forget that this type of investment can be adventurous, so they choose projects and companies with a long past and are strongly recommended.

6 – Choosing a good real estate agency
When buying a house in Cesme, choose agents who offer you homes with professional treatment and without pressure during the sale, as well as those who guide your choices correctly, protect your money and your legal rights, and help you after the sale process. Also, the history of their work and their recommendations from their former clients can be a good option for you. We, as “Find a Turkish Home”, study and research all the risks and possibilities mentioned above to offer you the best options. Our sales contracts are prepared by lawyers and with the best real estate sale formats. In the file of the house you want to buy, you will find pictures of the real house and its location marked on the Google map. The rights of the buyer and seller are 100 percent protected by their own and owed them. While the contract is dictated by the details of the sold house and shared with the buyer before the sale process, at the same time, all legal procedures are verified by the Land Registry Department. Also, all the necessary services are provided to the customer after the sale process. We invite you to our network of professional services.

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